WFH as a Developer (after 1 year)

Ahren Pradhan
4 min readAug 20, 2021

Hi, I will be describing my current state as WFH and disclose everything around me like the following-

  1. Work environment,
  2. My setup,
  3. Development stack,
  4. Company protocols,
  5. Future plans for my workspace(not necessary made for you but it’s a online diary for me)

I know this is too common but I’m also aimimg to use this to look back to this date after a definite future

Work Environment

As the title says I am working from home.
Currently I am sitting beside a window for lots of natural light and also that I don’t get that unnecessary glare on my screen.
With that I have an ergonomic chair which I use to relax while staring at the sky.

I have a dell 5577 for some gaming if I want to…

My Setup

(refer to the main picture for my setup)

  1. Work and Casual timepass — Mac pro 2015-13”-256 SSD-8gb RAM
  2. Gaming — Dell 5577-256SSD-2TB HD-16gbRAM-GTX1050
    This needs upgrading with an RTX so I will probably build a CPU after I get a new monitor.
  3. Chair — AMPLE SEATINGS Zoner HB Chair with Mesh seat
  4. Mouse — Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse
  5. USB-hub — Verilux® USB Hub 3.0 for PC, 4-Port
  6. Tablepad — Scarters Extended Mouse Pad/Desk Mat
  7. Main Phone — MI Mix 2
    Make this my secondary by next yr
  8. Secondary Phone — Iphone 6s Plus
    Will become my throwaway phone after I get my new phone
  9. Backup / Throwaway Phone — Levevo Z2+
  10. Monitor — Acer EB321HQU 31.5 inch will replace it with a wide monitor as its very high
  11. Sound System — JBL soundbar with sub woofers
  12. A 6 point multiplug
  13. Table — from the local mart
    (another 7/2.5 ft L-Shape table is in progress)
  14. 2 laptop stands by amazon original
  15. JSB iphone lighting mount for the iphone

There are a few things I need-

  1. A magictrack pad so that I can put the mac on the laptop stand
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Development stack

So currently I am working as a fullstack developer. And I can’t exactly state if I am a perticular stack so I’ll say I am based around React , Swift and SQL at present. (Otherwise I am a MERN stack developer)

Technology Used

  1. React
  2. Swift
  3. NextJS
  4. Node with Node Version Manager (NVM)
  5. SQL


  1. VS code
  2. Xcode
  3. MySQLWorkbench
  4. Postman
  5. Google Chrome only because on extensions
  6. Zeplin for UI design
  7. Github for source control
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Company protocols

As per my company I am asked to enter a catcha after every 45 mins so that I complete my official work hrs but this was too much of an headache as I am usually forget it.

This is the only reason I am using Mac since I can ask SIRI to remind me about it and the same thing gets synced on the iphone as well , not the case for android-windows combo user

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

Future Plans

This is the order I will be following for now

  1. Some room lights as all the ceiling lights are fused
  2. Upgrade with a larger deskspace (will make it a L later when I have some spare bucks) — $150–$200
  3. I definitely need to upgrade my monitor, because of low pixel density and also it being unnecessarily tall — $250–$500
  4. Need a docking station so that I can still use my current monitor for an extra screen maybe — $100–$200
  5. Wireless keyboard and trackpad so that I can finallly keep my laptop aside and keeping my space clean — $200–$250
  6. A CPU for better gaming — $1200–$1500
  7. G920 Logitech ($350) and VR ($ ???) for the epic low budget simulation experience

And so yeah thats it for me.

Nothing more and nothing less

Will be updating this as time goes by