The ideal desk setup for web development I ended up with and why…

Ahren Pradhan
3 min readJan 4, 2021

Will try to keep this as short as possible.

Note -
> desktop !== monitor
> only the section
‘This is my setup and why’ has my actual image

There’s not anything new / original when setting up your space, like-

  1. multiple monitors ,
  2. single wide monitor (maybe some additional monitors with that),
  3. tab + laptop config (for apple) and many more

One important key feature to keep in mind when deciding with your setup is the Operating system you are working with

- if and only if your OS is outdated (for windows users)

i forgot to include linux but apple is built on top of it and, i’ll chill

When working as a web developer-

We have a set number of stuff we always require

  1. Code application
  2. Some terminals
  3. Music application like Spotify, soundcloud , etc
  4. Googled issues
  5. Github, bitbucket etc
  6. Email, Youtube, and similar stuff
  7. additional resources you need for your thing like UI components, etc

And we can easily arrage em on screen with an external monitor

Type of screen -

  1. Wide monitors
    Advantage of a 1 continuous screen and this is a disadvantage in itself (this is all based on ones perspective)
  2. Multiple monitors
    Distinct screens for different types of tasks

This is my setup and why

I have quite a range of monitors and tried many configurations like 3 monitors, 2 monitors, wide screen setup but in the end this is what I ended up with.

Currently I am using a 31" 2K monitor which has width (unlike potrait monitors) but also the height (unlike wide monitor)

“Just to avoid the criticism, I do have a mechanical and a slim keyboard and tend to place my laptop on a stand since cherry keys are a must from time to time”

— the author

Getting back to the topic,
So I maintain a total of 3 desktop instances

  1. Email, music and youtube
  2. Extra rescourses for reference, stackoverflow and github/bitbucket
  3. My vscode on the external with web app on my laptop, and also the additional terminals if required

This ways I can add more instances maybe for server code, some game I paused, and more,
I also have this 3rd party app docker called nexus so that I have a better segmented view of my usually used apps, since the windows app bar tends to get over-crowded.

This way I can open new apps keeping my desktop neat and tidy. HEHE!!

NOTE- All that I have stated is just my perspective as per my experience and the readers can have their own ideals as well.

Now thats all I have to say, do comment your ideals and see you next time