So, how to actually proceed in a new web project

Ahren Pradhan
4 min readApr 26, 2020

So you’ve learned everything probably from code camp, online, etc, but how to actually proceed. What I’m focusing on is not how to code, execute files but how to work around in a project so that you can have a better developer experience.

Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

The main focus today…

I will be focusing the way I do things the react way but it couldn’t harm if you go through it

  1. There’s a way of storing files
    — have a separate JS and Styles folders
    a. JS has
    - components (the actual files which render on the page)
    - stores and actions (data storage, action-reaction mechanism)
    - helpers (functions that need and thus can use anywhere you require)
    b. Styles has
    - base (normalize the styling of the default browser, you can use themes as well)
    - components (CSS, etc for all the components in JS/components)
  2. Create a layout of your project somewhere(like in a notebook or adobe XE) with naming done as well
    — now try following the container way so that you won’t sidetrack
  3. Don’t make a complicated dataflow
    — try keeping things simple i.e. a common data source and get data when necessary (stores and actions)
  4. Code from the start as if it will be the end product
    — keep the code clean
    — don’t keep unnecessary comments
    — name the files so that you know where to look what
    IMPO keep the foundation as stable as possible assuring that error won’t be them
    — don’t design the components unnecessarily which are already built
    — some components and just made to render and are made to follow specific set instructions beforehand (keep them STATIC)
  5. Now this is something very important
    — try to keep package version in check and prefer using stable ones compare to the latest ones
    — warnings are something you can ignore, but at least know the reason behind it.
    — later if you change the package version, probably you will see an error or something will become one as the creator may not have handled it (/the error as a warning)

Extra -(if you want to help yourself)

Few things (from experience) you should get used/start to are —
- learn some naming convention like BEM or something, so that you could determine the classes or id even before looking for it.
- try getting used to not more than 3 colour scheme for your IDE (it really messes up your mind)
- you will be using packages, other opensource stuff — try using those which have a good community support
- and, it will be really generous of you to share solutions to the problem if that is new, will have you develop contacts and rep up your profile in the process.
- now (this is not necessary, but) if you have money, try getting 2–3 keyboards (each having unique characteristics like cherry-keys, slim-keyboards, silent-ones as well) and swap between them from time to time
- keep your desk clutter-free and as minimalistic as possible (help to think easily)
- will be honest, having a single desktop system won't do you much good and it’s better to keep multiple monitors.
- more the merrier, try to have 3 desktops with the right (for 2) / middle (for 3) one as landscape, not having to look/search/scroll really speeds up everything
- buy premium once and forget method > mouse and keyboard
- get pads (mouse pad could be of any variety)
- set up a kanban board visible from your desk and a lot of sticky notes (you will get addicted to them) or use Trello if you have a big screen
- headphones could be a compliment
- switch to wall mounts when possible, keeps things clean.
- whenever you buy something, and if it’s something which can have stuff printed on it, why not print something you need like CSS, etc
- use USB-hubs so that you don‘t have to work much, keep a notebook and some pens nearby
- try to keep your workspace in dim lighting
- now since you will be sitting at the same space for a long time, so keep it interesting by including some RGB as well
- get a comfortable chair, which can be tilted so that you could lie down
- try getting an automated height adjustable table so that you can code when standing