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If you’re confused, life as a (web dev) fresher

It’s like my 5th month working as a fresher, and so I thought of sharing my experience and give you hints as for your next step.
This could be more of a lay-mans way of talking, so please bear with it.

So I was confused as to work in an MNC for now or join a small-scale company.

I’ll need to be careful here.

Small-Scale : (start-ups included) be ready as it could be more than you bargained for,
MNC: just because it’s big (a lot of workers) doesn’t mean you are better off.

What you will be reading on are my thoughts on this subject as a developer, so please feel free to ignore or to take any decision as people have different perspective.

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Welcome to HEAVEN (maybe hypothetically speaking)

I’ll first speak about MNC and then will turn to small-scale

Firstly it’s big (meaning you are replaceable as well), so it won’t hurt the company even if you mess up sometimes and the work is comparatively MUCH less compared to start-ups.
And that’s it.
Maybe you can include that the workspace is lovely and then let us stop here.
I forget to mention that there are many different kinds of projects so you won’t ever feel dissatisfied.

After working for some time having a place for the arcade is undoubtedly a thumbs up but then just roaming with your colleagues is just fine as well.

Since it’s well established, 50% chances are that you will be working on there own private platforms, you can only follow instructions, there are high chances that your department may change, and you will only have limited learning experience.
Also not to forget that, there’s no way you can establish connections with the higher-ups.

But the workload is like only 65% to 80% and (rarely) sometimes higher when compared to a startup.

and this is heaven compared to what’s coming next

Just a little note:
The private techs may become a bit tricky to figure out but we learn eventually, also to be noted- as a fresher please try to enjoy this time and get to know each other, IT’S AN MNC, COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY.

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Now let’s come to (773H) HELL- (seriously man!!)

Let me reveal the cons first

- Lots of work (cutting to the case),
- Even they can be using proprietary software (like mine),
- Be ready to accept that you won’t have enough time to learn or experience to work (but tell them in advance and depending on the issue they will decide, anyway it’ll be a happy face),
- these guys are short on numbers so no more spoon-feeding like schools or colleges,
- you can’t rely on others for small things (and similar issues)
- you will end up working more than you can think of,
- it may be possible that an old SDLC is in practice but that’s an OK,
- maybe the workspace (could be small, doesn’t have a coffee machine or an arcade region, etc),
- you will have to face the head (CEO for me) / technical head(CTO) from time to time,


- you will be facing the head\technical head from time to time,
- workspace (you get whatever you need),
- get a lot to learn,
- how to handle pressure,
- after some time you will start to learn things fast,
- you get to share your own opinions/ideas on the project and they may end up using it (given that you are right)
- NO messing up the work, no means no,
- you need to become fast,
- you have a choice i.e., either to work hard for half a year and enjoy the rest of your career or struggle till you finally start to realise it,
- you can get addicted to working if you are progressing,
- your work doesn’t go unnoticed,

Now it depends what you actually want to pursue, please make a careful decision and abide by it, read what other’s have to say asw well, also there’s this policy of shifting from one company to the next, consider every little detail.

You only want to remain a happy person when returning home

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If there’s anything you what to talk about
like LIFE,
I AM ALSO OPEN PYTHON, C, C++, JAVA (but it has been a while so will have to brush up)
let me know if there’s anything I can do…

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From what I have discussed about the MNCs are combined thoughts from my friends working there.

Yours sincerely,
A mere developer happy to help others but much happier if it’s the other way around,



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