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Finding it slow with web dev, time to level up…

Ahren Pradhan
3 min readApr 4, 2020


You being here probably means that not much time since you started developing, so are just going with the vanilla(bland/simple) approach.

Cutting to the chase, we will be discussing on-
1. NodeJS, npm and yarn
2. 3rd party libraries
3. frameworks
4. how to proceed (important)

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  1. a. NodeJS
    Sometimes you need to create applications (and can be scalable sometime) but then going with the basic vanilla approach is not the right way.
    use this link for more details- what is nodeJS.
    There are things which are already made and everyone needs to use it thus made public and also designed such that people can directly use it without looking what’s inside.
    ‘and this is where npm comes into play’
    b NPM (node package managers)

    What I was talking about was 3rd party libraries and these can be easily used by
    - executing >> npm install library-name.
    - importing it into your project >>
    import {variable} from ‘library-name
    but it has a drawback and we only use it to initialize a project and install another library called YARN (there are other alternatives as well)
    c YARN
    This is same as NPM with additional features
    - keeps a log of all the libraries,
    - deletes the library as well if we remove it, and a few more
  2. 3rd party libraries
    By now you probably must have an idea about libraries and what it accomplishes
  3. Frameworks
    A software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code. JSframework is an application framework written in JS where the programmers can manipulate the functions and use them for their convenience. Frameworks are more adaptable for the designing of websites, and hence, most of the website developers prefer it. JSframeworks are a type of tool that makes working with JavaScript easier and smoother. These frameworks also make it possible for the programmer to code the application as a device responsive. This responsiveness is yet another reason why the JSframeworks are quite popular when it comes to the question of using a high-level machine language.
    here’s a look at the many available
    (I’d prefer to start with React)
  4. How to proceed this is important)
    - Have a basic understanding of node
    - and then jump to using NPM(which you will eventually)
    - now, repeat everything you did with NPM but this time its YARN.
    “This will give you the fundamental idea about node, npm and yarn”
    - use some libraries installed using yarn
    - now you can start will your framework and proceed exactly as it says.
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Personal note —

“if you are already here, then it probably means you can start with development, and if it still feels slow, you could look into dynamic thinking, containerization and re-using these containers (can be functions, blocks of dynamic content, etc)
In the beginning, you may feel slow, but later you will have these prebuilt components that you can use directly.”