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Daily life as a WFH — Corona version… (ROFL)

So this is solely focused on my life and my weekly goals, and probably I’m not on the right path, probably you can learn something, could be both.

The 1st quarter of the year is round its end and well all know about Corona, though we are sad about the current pandemic but are doing what we can, RIGHT??

Slightly diverging from the topic,
well, its nothing extra-ordinary as such and not that exaggerated ‘day in a life vlogs’ but you know what I mean, like how could they even record themselves while waking up and closing the alarm followed by hold a cam while brushing, can’t even how it feels to record yourself while eating…

INSIGHT: How my meeting begins

So the atmosphere at my place is living with parents, and then I’m in a meeting, and mom is like “Aaja beta apna plate lele” (meaning: come for food) and the others can easily listen n are saying let’s postpone or “aalu ka ya muli ka”(stuffing for chapatis).

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So now my day begins…

“It’s not the clock but the dog who wakes me up and, like thats one of the most important perks of owning a dog”.

Then my mom prepares me my cup of coffee so that I’m the one who ends up washing the morning dishes.
MEANING — got to do our room with the backyard as a bonus.

So what I like to do since my coffee is piping hot; I beginning with wiping the dust off from my room and then start up my PC to checking for all the messages/updates/whatever you like calling it with my ‘that’ cup of coffee. Now it’s backyard time and so I get onto it side-by-side toughening up with Trooper (FYI german shepherd dag-GSD).
Then I play my “get done with your chores playlist(-from Spotify)”, head to the kitchen and do the dishes following with a long nice bath.

And its 10 am now-

My meeting is around 11 and my team is always assigned something which we need to report in our meet.
Since everyone always has one person one can always depend on, for me, it’s AMARTYA Bhai (slang for bro) who prepares me for every possible unfortunate event my office life could encounter.

THANKS Amartya…!!

Time for THE Meeting…

So my mom has always been consistent with interfering with my meeting (just what I said a while back)
Then we have our usual meeting ending with our team discussing how’d their day went.

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Same old same old…

Work — Lunch — Work — Break — Work — Dog Time — Tea — Summing Up Work
(and it’s usually 7 pm by now).
Dog Time — Netflix + Dinner — Night Dishes — Massaging my mum
(and it’s past 9:30 pm)
10 pm happens and I make sure to not leave any anime(of course the ones m following) left unwatched, then it’s 11 or 12 depending on the day I end with all the entertainment.

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Self-investment time

These days I make sure to maintain an investment goal cap per week and to realize it, I keep in mind to work a min amount daily.
Things I usually have in my list-
1. My projects (my personal website),
2. A project I’m working with my dude,
3. Make sure to produce some music every Sunday,
4. Learning about new tech, algorithms, data structures and more. Then do exist a few things I shouldn’t focus on(as it may get outdated),
5. Finish a novel (currently:- Norwegian Wood by Murakami),
6. Social Life (Insta, Snapchat and Lil bit of WhatsApp),
7. These blogs,
8. And lastly following my passion for playing the piano.

“So? This is my current life as a WFH (a.k.a. work from home) and what about yours? Don’t forget to mention it in comments. Something that you’d like me to talk about, do let me know”

Your’s sincerely,
Ahren Pradhan
(full-stack engineer and developer)



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